Saturday, 10 September 2011

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Our favourite beach called Washouse -probably due to the rocky promontory halfway down the beach. Puddles likes it as the rocks provide a pool for dogs to swim safely.

Most of the beaches here allow dogs off leash and the bird life is incredible. Sea eagles, cormorants, parrots, cockatiels in the nearby Kattang Reserve.

This is a small, 58 hectare reserve located 3 km east of Laurieton which is the direct result of the local community's 'Save the Heathland' campaign. It has been listed on the National Estate and is an ideal place for bushwalking, birdwatching and fishing. There are a number of walking tracks from Bergalia (at the end of Camden Haven Road) and Hamey (at the end of the Charles Harney Lookout Road) carparks.

There is (a) the Camden Head Lookout walk (b) the 'Flower Bowl' walk which lies among elevated sand dunes and offers marvellous displays of wildflowers in spring (c) the Perpendicular Point Walk which provides excellent views back on the Camden Haven estuary and (d) the short side walks down to Fishermans Bluff and Pebbly Beach.

The area, although small, is noted for its flora and fauna. Over 100 species of bird have been recorded in the park and there are small areas of rainforest and pockets of flannel flowers and everlasting daisies.

To see more of Camden Haven -follow the link

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